3 Best Anti-Inflammatory Drinks

When it comes to the holiday season, it can be easy to be surrounded by foods and drinks that taste delicious but might promote unwelcome symptoms in our bodies, such as inflammation. Inflammation in the body can lead to arthritis, diabetes, and obesity, but thanks to tasty substitutes that are more gut-friendly, it’s never been easier to reduce inflammation and achieve nutritional wellness through a simple change in your diet.

Between fruit juice and organic tea, there are a million different drink choices that can substitute egg nog or hot chocolate this holiday season. Here are our top three recommendations for anti-inflammatory drinks this winter!

Green and White Teas

Perfect for warming you up when it’s cold out, both green and white teas have anti-inflammatory effects on the body. Rich in polyphenols and catechins, these teas come with properties that not only reduce inflammation but can also regulate your immune system, which can be helpful in protecting the body against the cold during the winter.

Turmeric Milk

Turmeric milk, also known as “golden milk,” has been known to reduce inflammation in the body. Loaded with antioxidants, turmeric milk can help improve joint pain, arthritis, and even brain function. Mixing milk and turmeric with a little bit of ginger can make a perfectly rich smoothie that calms the stomach and soothes the nervous system.

Tart Cherry Juice

Rich in anthocyanins that can calm inflamed tissues, tart cherry juice is the go-to fruit juice that people love to drink after a workout or just before sleeping. As its antioxidants can help improve recovery time after a workout, it can also reduce muscle soreness and inflammation. It also helps many people recover better and faster from their physical activities during the day to promote better sleep.

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Reducing inflammation in the body by switching to a more gut-conscious diet can do wonders for your health. If you’re interested in meeting with a nutrition doctor who can recommend the best foods and drinks based on your health, don’t hesitate to schedule your first consultation with Dr. Philip Rabito by clicking here or calling 877.703.3775 to reach our office in New York.

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