Why Choose a Board-Certified Lipidologist for Cholesterol Treatment?

Elderly,Woman,Holding,Bottle,Of,Pills,Close,Up,Focus,On Choosing a board-certified lipidologist for your cholesterol treatment will ensure that your cholesterol issue is properly managed by a physician with specialized training in diagnosing, managing, and ultimately treating disorders involving lipids. These lipids, of course, include cholesterol and triglycerides. 

Lipidologist is a specialty classification that is dedicated and focused on cholesterol and blood fats. It is a relatively new classification as the American Board of Clinical Lipidology, or ABCL, has only been issuing this certification since 2009. Therefore, obtaining a board-certified lipidologist to address your cholesterol issue means you have a dedicated and highly skilled professional at the helm of your cholesterol journey.

Why Someone Might Seek Cholesterol Treatment

Elevated cholesterol numbers have been noted as risk factors for both stroke and heart attack. Add to this the fact that nearly one in three Americans currently have a cholesterol disorder, and the problem of cholesterol and wellness is brought into full focus. 

It is also worth noting that high cholesterol, unlike other conditions, has no symptoms or signs, so many times, people suffer from this without even knowing it’s an issue. Finally, a board-certified lipidologist has gone through advanced training pertaining to cholesterol disorder management and understands the unique risks it places on the cardiovascular system as well as other factors that need to be considered during treatment.

The Benefit of Advanced Lipid Profiles

In addition, a lipidologist offers an advanced lipid profile as part of their specialized cholesterol testing. This advanced testing allows you to understand the side effects, risks, and benefits of any pharmacological plan or option, as well as nutritional counseling and hormonal rebalancing. Some people are predisposed to having high cholesterol, which can be challenging when treating them. Thankfully, specialized training in lipidology and a focus on nutrition and endocrinology can create a more comprehensive approach to managing high cholesterol.

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Dr. Philip Rabito is a highly trained and experienced endocrinologist specializing in treating hormonal disorders and cholesterol-related issues. As an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Icahn School of Medicine, he stays updated with the latest research and techniques to provide his patients with the best possible care. 

As a board-certified lipidologist, Dr. Rabito will provide top-quality care that helps you achieve favorable results. Contact our office today in New York, NY, by calling  877-703-3775 to schedule a consultation and begin moving more toward wellness and health. 

Philip Rabito, MD

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