Top Questions To Ask Your Endocrinologist

Top Questions To Ask Your Endocrinologist

Endocrinologists treat patients who are experiencing hormone imbalances, and typically they help those who are dealing with diabetes navigate their complex condition. If you’re looking for a new practice to help treat your diabetes symptoms, you’ll need to know the top questions to ask your endocrinologist . These questions will help you better manage and understand your condition while learning if you have found the right medical doctor for you.

Is My Diabetes Under Control To Meet My Goals?

This is an important question because it’ll dictate what is and isn’t safe in your current condition. Whether you’re wondering if it’s safe for you to become pregnant or to exercise enough to reach a certain weight goal, you need to know your current condition. Neglecting to ask the state of your condition can expose you to dangerous situations that can cause significant harm to your health.

Are There Any Concerns With My Bloodwork?

Your bloodwork will show more than just your blood sugar levels; it can determine issues with your thyroid, cholesterol, white and red blood cells, and problems with protein production. Ask if there are any changes, both positive and negative, in your bloodwork. You’ll need to know about any changes that take place to obtain the proper treatment.

Are There Ways To Improve My Diet?

What you eat determines how your body regulates its chemicals and functions. A poor diet will deteriorate health, while a healthy and nutritious diet will ensure continued success. Your diet is especially important when dealing with diabetes, as any deviation from what is recommended can have a far more significant impact on your health.

What Do I Have To Do To Avoid Complications?

Whether your diabetes management is on track or you need to make some necessary changes, always know what the next steps are in your treatment. Having a plan moving forward will give you defined goals to stick by and a way for you to keep track of your progress for your next visit. Always walk away from a visit with a plan of action, know your expectations, and be aware of what you’ve had problems with since your last checkup.

Is This the Right Doctor for Me?

Always know what to ask your endocrinologist regarding your condition and treatment. There may be times when you feel that your doctor is not taking the necessary considerations into account or that their treatment plans are not working as intended. If you walk away from your visits with more questions than answers, or if the answers you were given were not satisfactory, you may need to consider looking for a new doctor.

Dr. Philip Rabito is an endocrinologist in the Upper East Side of New York City and is one such doctor who can help you navigate your way through your difficult condition. He can aid you in your treatment plans and future goals to manage your diabetes.

Philip Rabito, MD

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