The Difference Between Intuitive Eating and Mindful Eating

The Difference Between Intuitive Eating and Mindful Eating

When you first start your weight loss journey, it can be intimidating to find the right diet for yourself. There are so many options, and each specific diet can have different effects on the body. But two dietary methods that reject the traditional approach to dieting include intuitive and mindful eating. While they share some similarities, it’s essential to know the difference between intuitive eating and mindful eating.

What Is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating is a complete rejection of traditional dieting ideas, but not detrimental. Intuitive eating posits that people shouldn’t restrict themselves to certain foods during their weight loss journey; instead, they should accept the foods they enjoy and eat in moderation.

Eating in moderation means that you eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full; this is where the intuitiveness comes in. People shouldn’t feel as though they’re starving themselves, and intuitive eating opens the door to eating healthy portions of your favorite meals, making it seem less like a chore and increasing enjoyment.

What Is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating is the same as intuitive eating in the sense that it doesn’t follow traditional dieting, but it does include a major difference. Mindful eating wants the individual to be present when they eat, taking in all their senses when they eat their meals and rejecting any form of judgment.

Mindful eating wants you to accept your dietary choices and the food you like to eat, acknowledging that eating in healthy portions can enable weight loss. Mindful eating is a more active experience, requiring you to experience the food.

What’s Best for You?

Not every diet is for everyone; some people react differently to certain foods than others. This makes it impossible to have a universal diet for everyone, and makes it a challenge to find one that’s best for you. Teaming up with a
weight management doctor can significantly streamline the dieting process, as medical professionals can provide much-needed structure and advice throughout a weight loss plan. Know the differences between intuitive and mindful eating and find which method is the best fit for your weight loss plan.

Philip Rabito, MD

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