Signs It’s Time To See an Endocrinologist for Your Thyroid Disorder

Signs It’s Time To See an Endocrinologist for Your Thyroid Disorder

Thyroid conditions can have far-reaching effects all over the body and result in serious deterioration of health. Knowing the signs it’s time to see an endocrinologist for your thyroid disorder can save you from serious illnesses and long-term debilitating conditions. Be aware of your body, its functions, and how it responds to stimuli; that information can be invaluable when discussing possible treatment for your thyroid.

Your Symptoms Don’t Improve

If you have been seeking treatment for your thyroid gland from your general practitioner, your treatment may have been limited due to a lack of specialization. This might not be enough to handle your condition, resulting in symptoms that don’t improve over time and perhaps actually get worse. If you don’t see the desired results from your treatment, it’s time to find an endocrinologist.

You Have a Noticeable Lump in Your Thyroid Gland

If you have a known problem with your thyroid gland, palpate the area to make sure no lumps or nodules have formed. If you do happen to find a growth on your thyroid gland, that will require the attention of a specialist to properly diagnose and treat it. Strange lumps may be due to a goiter, an enlargement of portions of the thyroid gland, or a complete enlargement of the whole gland. Most of the time, these nodes and lumps are benign, but there is a chance they may be the cause of certain thyroid conditions, and they may even be cancerous. An endocrinologist must observe them to determine why they have formed and if there are any negative effects.

You’re Pregnant or Trying To Conceive

Thyroid conditions significantly affect the chemicals in your body, and becoming pregnant also changes how your body produces and regulates chemicals. A thyroid condition can affect pregnancy, and vice versa, which makes consulting a specialist necessary to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Find the Right Doctor

Identifying the signs that you need to see an endocrinologist is one thing, but finding a suitable doctor to treat your condition is another. Make sure you find a doctor who is conveniently located—someone you can reach quickly in an emergency and with whom you feel comfortable. Dr. Philip Rabito is considered among the best endocrinologists in New York City. He has extensive training and experience in diagnosing and treating thyroid disorders.

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