How an Endocrinologist Can Help You Manage Your Diabetes

How an Endocrinologist Can Help You Manage Your Diabetes

Diabetes stems from the pancreas’s inability to produce enough insulin to break down glucose in the bloodstream. The pancreas is one part of a larger whole called the endocrine system, a complex group of organs responsible for chemical and hormonal equilibrium in the body. Because of the origins of diabetes, you need to know how an endocrinologist can help you manage your diabetes to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Regular Visits To Track Progress

Navigating a serious health issue on your own can be dangerous, but that danger decreases significantly with a trained medical expert at your side. With an endocrinologist, you have access to a medical professional who can track your progress in getting your condition under control. They can illuminate unknown symptoms and educate you on common causes of worsening symptoms.

Navigate Your New Dietary Restrictions

With a diabetes diagnosis comes a necessary change in your diet. Understanding how food can affect the body may seem simple on the surface, but the reality is that finding food that doesn’t worsen your condition while keeping your full and healthy can be a challenge.

An endocrinologist can help you establish a new dietary plan to keep you fed and feeling full throughout the day while ensuring your diabetes doesn’t negatively affect your body further.

Understanding Your Medication Prescriptions

Dealing with your diabetes means taking and understanding over-the-counter medication or prescriptions. These will keep your diabetes in check, making it more manageable on a day-to-day basis. But it’s difficult for the average person with no medical training to understand the effects and risks of medication. Not having access to an expert can mean that navigating your medications can be akin to walking through a minefield—you don’t know how the medication will react with your body, other medications, and the food you eat. An endocrinologist can help you make informed decisions regarding your medication so that you don’t accidentally harm yourself.

Whether you have a definitive diabetes diagnosis or suspect you may have it, it’s critical that you get help as soon as possible and know how an endocrinologist can help you manage your diabetes. Dr. Philip Rabito is a diabetes doctor in New York City with the experience and training necessary to help you through your condition. Don’t risk your health; see a medical professional to get the treatment you need.

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