Can a Functional Nutritionist Help Me Lose Weight?

Functional Nutritionist You recognize a need to reach a healthy weight but want to do it in a way that supports both your long and short-term health goals. That starts with learning how to nourish your body correctly. A functional nutritionist is a nutrition expert who knows how to design personalized nutrition plans around the proven science of how people lose weight. Here are some of the ways a functional nutritionist can help you achieve your ideal weight.

More than Calories In, Calories Out

“Calories in, calories out” is a common mantra in diet culture. People have been struggling to lose weight by applying this principle alone for years. Science shows there is more to it. A functional nutritionist understands this. Calorie quality matters.

Of course, 100 calories of donuts is the same as 100 calories of beans. No one can dispute that. However, beans will be much more filling and keep you satisfied longer. It delivers fiber, vitamins, minerals, and protein your body needs to thrive. Philip Rabito, MD, can help you better understand the difference between calories and how they affect your weight and overall health.

Healthy Food Can Taste Good

Our functional nutritionist does not simply say to eat your vegetables and stop eating ultra-processed foods. Dr. Rabito will help you explore a variety of foods and how amazing, more nutritionally-dense foods can taste. This makes adopting a healthier relationship with food a little easier.

Taking an Integrative Approach to Weight Loss

Food is not the only factor that determines whether a person gets to and stays at a healthy weight. All of these also come into play:

  • Exercise
  • Stress management
  • Medical conditions
  • Hormones
  • Healthy habit formation
  • Developing food selection and prep skills
  • Maintaining healthy eating within your budget
  • Finding supportive people
  • Learning how to share your goals with family and friends

Our functional nutritionist recognizes the weight loss and management journey’s complexity. Dr. Rabito will apply his skills and training to help you lose weight and achieve optimal health.

Nourish Your Body To Lose Weight With New York’s Functional Nutritionist

If you are trying to lose weight, working with a specialist is an excellent place to start. New York’s functional nutritionist and endocrinologist, Dr. Philip Rabito, has extensive experience helping individuals across New York, NY, achieve favorable weight loss results.

Dr. Rabito never simply prescribes a limited-calorie diet to patients. Instead, he works to determine the underlying elements that contribute to each patient’s weight gain. This helps to create a plan to ensure long-term results. To discuss how our functional nutritionist can help you, call our office at 646-835-0402 to book an appointment.

Philip Rabito, MD

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