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I have been a patient of Dr. Rabito for a few years now. He is outstanding. He took the time to really listen to me and was very caring and compassionate. I was pre-diabetic and I have been struggling with weight loss my entire life and he finally helped me reach my goal. He got me on a diet and exercise program that was easy and realistic to follow. I lost 15 pounds and I am no longer pre-diabetic. I do not need medication. He takes calls most of the time and is very easy to contact. I have never been this happy with a physician before. His staff was also warm and friendly.

Outstanding Doctor

I have been under the care of Dr. Phil Rabito for a little over 3 years. I feel incredibly lucky to have finally found a doctor who is always spot on and who listens to me and has compassion. Dr. Rabito has been able to manage my hypothyroidism and I now feel like a new person. He has also helped me to drop those stubborn 10-15 lbs. that I had been carrying around since the birth of my last child; and he made it so simple that it was doable. I must also mention Dr. Rabito's wonderful staff who are remarkably efficient and provide amazing customer service. Dr. Rabito and his staff truly make me feel like family.

Outstanding Provider

I have been a patient of Dr. Rabito for around 5 years and I have been pleased with every visit. For someone who works as much as I do, I am grateful that Dr.Rabito has working times that always suit my busy schedule and his appointments are always on the dot, he never keeps me waiting. Without him my A1C levels would still be extremely high and I wouldn’t have lost as much weight as I did. His staff is courteous as well as friendly. Dr.Phillip Rabito is knowledgeable and caring and always makes me feel comfortable and at ease. I am extremely fortunate to be one of Dr. Rabito’s patients.

Great Endocrinologist

I can't say enough great things about Dr. Rabito. He has helped me control my diabetes, cholesterol and thyroid problems. But best of all he is helping me to lose weight, a problem I have been battling my whole life. He is smart, personable and I feel that he really cares about me as a person, not just a patient. I am so happy I found Dr. Rabito. Wonderful doctor!!!

Best Endocrinologist Around

The best doctor a patient could have. Treats you as a person, not a disease. An atmosphere that puts a patient (the whole person) at ease. Caring, conversational, and a friendly manner enables the patient to discuss their medical problems and be reassured of his medical care in return.

The Best Doctor

Dr. Rabito is an amazing physician. I've been to many doctors and Dr Rabito honed in on my medical issues, recognizing I had a deficiency in many vital areas. As a result of his endocrinology and nutrional expertise, my cholesterol, thyroid indicators and vitamin deficiencies are back to normal and within the acceptable ranges. My overall health has dramatically improved and thanks to Dr Rabito I've never been in better condition. His "bedside manner," caring and knowledge are remarkable. I only wish my other doctors were as thorough and professional as Dr Rabito. Thank you for taking me on as your patient.

Superb doctor, treatment and follow up

Dr. Rabito is truly a class act. We have had a patient/Doctor relationship for about 10 years now. He shows a true quality of compassion to his patients. He has been able to diagnose my problems and help me to control a disease that many of us suffer with. He is a specialist that you would truly want to see for the care that you are looking for. Dr. Rabito truly guides you in with maintaing a healthy lifestlye with counseling and advice on nutrition. Dr. Rabito in my book sets the bar high for many MD's out there. He provides you with the time and listening ear that many and all patients deserve but most important the quality that come with the visit. He is the best!

Sets the Bar High for MD’s

I guess I'm somewhat of a common story -- used to be in great shape in college (played D1 hockey), maintained a healthy lifestyle for the years follow college. Over time, however, life changes, and with it, my eating and exercise regimen. 20 years after graduating college and being in the best shape of my life, I found myself really far from where I had once been. I was referred to Dr. Rabito by a friend of mine who was a patient of his, and let me tell you -- from the minute I met him, I knew I was working with the right doctor. Dr. Rabito is working with me on improving my nutrition, and has already helped me improve on a bunch of my vitals. He translates the science of nutrition into terms and concepts that a regular guy can understand. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Rabito if you feel like your eating habits could use an upgrade.

An Amazing Nutritionist

I would highly recommend Dr. Rabito. You can tell right away what kind of doctor he is. Its obvious from the first appointment that he really cares about his patients. You don't feel rushed, and he's very thorough. I'm extremely confident I am receiving top notch medical care with Dr. Rabito.

Five Stars

As someone who has been under Dr. Rabito's care for the last five years, I can confidently recommend him as a physician. He is easy to get a hold of and always takes time to answer my questions in ways that are easy to understand. He is always caring, empathetic, and genuinely kind.

Gia S.

Philip Rabito, MD

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